Hi, I'm Abby

Honestly, choosing a photographer can be tough! There are so many amazing ones out there, and we all offer our own unique experience. To help you get to know me, here's a little insight into my style and purpose as a photographer.

I want you to be comfortable, having fun and making real memories during our time together (if you are looking for perfectly posed photos where everyone is looking at the camera, I might not be the photographer for you and that's ok.) 


I want your photos to be timeless, so my editing style tends to be warm, crisp and true-to-life with an artistic storytelling influence. 

A lot has changed since I began this business in 2016. I started taking photos because I liked the creativity and the final product: a beautiful photo to permanently capture a fleeting moment. 

Now, I'm a little bit older (I'm currently 35) and I'm a wife and the mom of two daughters (4 years and 5 months). I thought photos were important before, but now I know the real worth: they capture us as we are right now in a way we'll never be again. They bring us back to a feeling. Photography creates art from our everyday lives.


I often find myself thinking about the saying

"The days are long but the years are short."

 Photographs help us capture the days we want to look back on and remember in the short years of life. Everyone deserves beautiful photographs.


Whether you are a family, a couple getting married, a senior getting ready to graduate from high school, a new mom ready to capture photos with a newborn or a small business looking to define your brand...I'm here for you.

Quick Facts - Get to Know Me

  • I love a good documentary or indie movie, but my dirty little secret while editing photos is watching reality tv on Bravo to make me feel better about my drama free life.
  • Gin & tonic, bourbon old fashioned, Prosecco, sangria...it's takes me forever to decide which cocktail to order, and I'll often ask my husband to surprise me so I don't have to decide.
  • My family is everything. I am married to my high school sweetheart. I have a spirited and sweet four year old daughter and another baby girl who was born this past August. My sister is my best friend. I like to have dinner with my parents at least once a week. I don't believe in the lie that you can't get along with your in-laws. I love mine.
  • There is always a place for neutrals (have you seen my studio?) and moody earth tones have my heart (especially for photos), but color brings me life.
  • The perfect vacation is 50% adventure, 50% relaxation and 100% delicious food and drinks!



“Abby is simply AMAZING!! We started working with her when our son was born. She was absolutely wonderful for our newborn session. She was patient, tried lots of different poses (and she did this baby sway that got our son to instantly fall asleep, it was like magic!)...the first day we met her, it was like we've known her for years!”

Voted Best of the Lakeshore 2022