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Weddings & Couples

Your wedding photographer will be your number one fan, your go-to wedding expert (which side does the boutonniere go on again?), and a little bit of a third wheel on your wedding day. You want to make sure personalities, expectations and your visions align. 


My wedding photography aesthetic is warm, true-to-life with an artistic influence. My style is a mix of documentary and guided posing. On a wedding day I am there to capture your day as it happens. I am not the bossy type of photographer that's there to dictate your day or tell you to turn your head 15 degrees to the left. But, I WILL apply my experience to make beautiful moments happen. I'll suggest that mom fixes your bracelet to get the emotional shot, I'll find the right lighting for a first look, I'll fix your hair if a strand goes astray, and I'll capture all of the fun and romance in between.

To see if I'm the right photographer for you, feel free to reach out.

Let's get to know each other via email, a phone call or video call. 

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